– Our family has been members of the Credit Union since 1979. We have enjoyed the Credit Union’s reliability. Month after month the transactions are timely and accurate. The online services, including electronic transfers, make our money management convenient and easy. When in-person visits are necessary the tellers and other staff are consistently courteous and competent. We are grateful for and pleased with the Credit Union.

David Frischknecht


– We have been DFCU members for over 20 years. Everyone, from cashiers to loan officers, has always been so helpful.
From car and home financing, construction loans and refinancing, automatic payroll deposits to everyday checking and savings accounts, Deseret First has been cooperative, competitive and convenient. They meet all of our
banking and financing needs. Thanks DFCU!  

Tom and Ana Maria Coburn


 I have been a member for 20+ years. I have not blindly associated with the organization. I have questioned practices and asked questions about the policies that they have. I have compared this organization to other
financial institutions I have in the past been a member of. What I have found with the Credit Union is honest employees who have been fair with me and my requests. They have been helpful in finding the BEST solution for my needs not just for their gain. I appreciate that I have say in who represents me on the board. I encourage the credit union to govern with true principles as they run the business. Thank you for being a place that I have confidence in.  

Julie Merrill


 – I have been a member of Deseret First Credit Union for over 20 years. Never once during that time have I considered changing to another financial institution. I have utilized many services offered by DFCU, always
appreciating the rates, the good service, and the convenience provided. Representatives of DFCU have even contacted me when a new rate or product would be to my benefit – Now, that is going above and beyond! They really do have the best interest of their members in mind, and that shows in the service
and services provided. They deserve, and will always have, my loyalty!  

Jamie Glenn


 – During our 25 year membership with DFCU we have been working overseas for many years and during
that time we used DFCU for our banking needs. We have always had a great experience with them. Whenever we had to call customer service we seldom had to wait for more than just a few minutes. The customer service agents were always
friendly and very helpful. We have always felt that they have a sincere desire to be of service and to solve any dilemma quickly and efficiently. We opened savings accounts for each of our six children when they were little and when
they entered the university they expanded those services to checking accounts and car loans so I can say we have our whole family with DFCU, a tradition we hope to pass on for future grandchildren.Thanks DFCU for your faithful service
all these many years.

 — Guillermo & Mary Antivilo


 – About 5 months ago, I purchased a car in Provo Utah on a Friday afternoon.
After leaving a down payment, I told the dealership I would arrange for the additional funding and pick up the car on Tuesday or Wednesday of the next week. On my way back to Salt Lake, I drove past a DFCU in Orem
Utah. I stopped in that location to see about starting the loan process. Within an hour, I had my loan completed and a check in
hand. I went back to the dealership and drove my car home that evening.  

Evan Larsen


I have been a member of Deseret First Credit Union for over 13 years. When I needed a car loan,
the process was simple and the rates are very competitive. It is nice to be recognized when you go into a branch. DFCU is a member of the Credit Union Networks which means I have branches with ATMs most anywhere I go.  

Kathleen C. Fueston


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