Tips for Your Financial Identity: Building Credit & Avoiding Fraud

Financial Identity Your identity related to financial services such as your credit report and personal information used in banking. Building Credit Monitor your credit reports annually Open one or two lines of credit for at least 6 months. Use 30% or less of your credit and make payments to show history. Make 100% of your… Read more »

BYU & Utah To Meet in Basketball and Gymnastics!

Deseret First Duel Rivalry Continues   Salt Lake City, UT, December 4, 2017 – The Deseret First Duel Rivalry between college rivals BYU and Utah picks up again in December with consecutive basketball games at BYU: Women’s Basketball on Saturday, December 9, at 2pm, and Men’s Basketball the following Saturday, December 16, at 9pm (yes,… Read more »

Ever Lived in Provo?

  Whether you’ve lived in Provo or not, check out the ups and downs of living in Provo and how Deseret First can help! Learn more about Provo’s Student Checking Account Here!    

Murray Survey

See what our Murray Office has to offer: Personal Checking that Pays Business Checking with no Monthly Fees Competitive Personal Business Loans Home Mortgages Wealth Management And More, Much More Come visit your friends at Deseret First and see what we can do for you today!                  … Read more »

Credit Unions Are Tax-Exempt

Here’s some information about Credit Unions and their tax structure that we’re trying to protect so we can continue giving back to you, the member-owners of DFCU! Credit Unions are exempt from Federal income tax because they are member-owned not for profit financial cooperatives and have a mission to promote thrift and provide access to… Read more »

Equifax and Identity Recovery

If you have a credit report, there’s a good chance that you’re one of the 143 million American consumers whose sensitive personal information was exposed in a data breach at Equifax, one of the nation’s three major credit reporting agencies. Here are the facts, according to Equifax. The breach lasted from mid-May through July. The… Read more »

Deseret First Duel Rivalry In Close Competition

Three Sports Done, Nine to Go   Salt Lake City, UT, September 15, 2017 – The Deseret First Duel Rivalry between college rivals Utah and BYU is in close competition after the first three sporting events of the season.  After a tie in Soccer, Utah’s win in Football, and BYU’s win in Volleyball, the Duel… Read more »

Deseret First DUEL Rivalry Season Begins!

Salt Lake City, UT, September 8, 2017 – The Deseret First Duel Rivalry begins at full tilt with three different sports competitions between college rivals BYU and Utah in one week. The rivalry season begins with a kick on Friday with Women’s Soccer at BYU where they will challenge Utah No. 21.  On Saturday, BYU… Read more »

Check Your Name. Equifax Breach

ALERT!   Equifax, one of the biggest U.S. credit bureaus had a data breach occur, this was announced on September 7, 2017. This breach may have affected 143 million Americans. It may jeopardize consumer Social Security numbers, birthdates, and addresses. Please check your information to make sure it is safe. We apologize for this inconvenience and… Read more »

DFCU Beam Signing

DFCU Staff had the opportunity to put their own mark on our new building! In June staff members were able to sign their name on the final steel beam. This was a fun time for staff to mingle and see the progress of the new operations center.