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Rewards Credit Cards

Are you wishing you had a credit card? Maybe you’re looking into the many options out there for a credit card, but haven’t decided which one to apply for.

Or do you have a credit card… and wish you had a different one?

Whatever your personal situation, figuring out credit cards can be confusing. Many people just apply for the first one they find, or they apply for every credit card they come across, especially the cards that offer rewards.

Rewards credit cards can be pretty enticing. You earn points, and you redeem them for new stuff. It’s important to look into how the programs work to find out which card might be the best rewards credit card for you.

Why Get a Rewards Credit Card?

Not all credit cards have rewards attached to them. You can just use the card and pay the bills – end of story. Those cards can also have fewer fees attached to them. So why go with a rewards credit card instead?

Well, the big reason is that when you have a rewards credit card, you can get points for buying stuff. And those points can be redeemed to get you more stuff, like cash back or airline tickets. Basically, you can get some pretty awesome rewards for just using your credit card.

The rewards vary depending on the credit card company, and so do fees and interest rates. So while having a rewards credit card can get you more of your favorite things, it can also cause problems if your card’s rewards program isn’t a good fit for you.

Choosing Your Card

When you get a credit card, you want to get the best rewards credit card you possibly can. One sign that you’ve found the best rewards credit card will be that it has no annual fee. This is a big deal because most rewards credit cards have high annual fees, averaging around $200-$300 each year.

One of the best rewards credit cards with no annual fees is at Deseret First Credit Union. Deseret First ensures there are no annual fees on any of their Visa Platinum credit cards, including their Visa Platinum Rewards credit cards.

There are a few other things to consider when you apply for a credit card.

Fix your credit score – If you don’t have a good credit score, getting a credit card of any kind will be difficult. Check your score and find out what you may need to do to improve your credit.
Check your eligibility – If you’re looking at a credit union, you will need to be a member of the credit union to apply for their rewards credit card. There might be other conditions like this, so check to see if you can apply for the credit card you’re looking at.
Consider where the credit card comes from – Don’t apply to any credit card from anywhere. A good place to start is your credit union.
Compare rewards credit cards and programs – A lot of banks and credit unions have their credit card applications online, which means that you can look them over before you apply. You can also find information about their cards on their websites. Take some time to check them out so you can figure out which one will be best for you.
Read the fine print – The fine print usually contains more information about the rewards credit card program, which will help you decide if it’s a good fit for you or not.
What are the rewards – If the rewards offered aren’t rewards you’ll use, it probably isn’t a good card for you. But there are some awesome rewards out there, and they aren’t hard to find.
Don’t rush it – Take the time you need to make a solid decision. It’s better to be a little slow with it than to apply for a credit card that won’t be a good fit.

How to Get Points

After you’ve chosen the best rewards credit card (with no annual fees) for you, it’s time to start earning points. Points are handled a little different in each rewards credit card program, so make sure you know how the points work for you.

At Deseret First Credit Union, every $1 spent with your rewards credit card gets you 1 point. You then accumulate these points until you have enough to redeem them for your exciting rewards.


The most common way of earning points is using your rewards credit card to buy stuff. The more you buy, the more points you’ll have. It’s that simple.

Now, one thing to remember is that going into debt will not help you here. If you spend more than you have and wind up in debt, your points won’t help you pay that off. And it could put your bank or credit union account in bad standing, which could keep you from getting rewards.

As long as you aren’t overspending, making purchases with your best rewards credit card will get you lots of points to use on rewards. And redeeming those points is what makes the best rewards credit cards worth having.


Some programs allow you to get bonus points in certain situations. For example, if you make a purchase from specific locations (which will usually be listed on your rewards account webpage), you can earn more points per dollar than you would anywhere else.

There are other ways to earn bonus points as well, but they vary more from program to program. Some of those options can include referring a friend or staying with the card for a year, but these bonus options aren’t as common as purchasing from certain businesses.

Redeeming Points

So you’ve found the best rewards credit card with no annual fees, you’ve earned points, and you’re finally ready to redeem them. Here’s how that process works:

Worth of Points

The first thing to remember is that 1 point does not equal $1. It usually equals about 1 cent. So it can take some time to earn the points you need for your rewards. Most rewards programs have a webpage or website where you can track your points and see how many points you need for different rewards.

How to Redeem

Redeeming your points should be pretty simple. You should be able to log into your rewards credit card account and simply hit the redeem button on the website.

On the Deseret First Credit Union Rewards website, you can do things like add items to your wishlist so you can keep track of which rewards you’re after. If you’re using your points to travel, you can also book your flights straight through their website. It’s simple and convenient, which makes using their no annual fee rewards credit card even better.


If you did your homework to find the best rewards credit card with no annual fees, you’ll know before you redeem your points what kinds of rewards you’ll be able to receive. Some of the best and most common rewards are:
• Cashback
• Travel/vacations
• Electronics
• Using the points to purchase items from places like Amazon (depending on the rewards program)
• And more…

Deseret First Credit Union Visa Rewards Credit Card

As a credit union that offers one of the best rewards credit cards with no annual fees, Deseret First Credit Union’s rewards program is truly worth applying to. In addition to no annual fees and hundreds of great rewards, Deseret First’s Visa Platinum Rewards credit card includes a low APR*, no balance transfer fees, 24-hour fraud protection, access to millions of merchants worldwide, and more.

To qualify, you must be a member of Deseret First Credit Union, fulfill the eligibility requirements, and have approved credit. Contact us today to join us as a member or to ask us any questions you may have. We look forward to seeing your application for the best rewards credit card with no annual fees.

*Annual Percentage Rate. Membership and Eligibility Required. Individual rate may be higher depending upon your creditworthiness.