Loyalty Benefits


Loyalty Member Benefits


Our Mission Statement expresses that we exist to provide mutually beneficial products and services that foster the financial independence and well-being of our members. We believe our Loyalty Benefits do just that! They help our members receive higher rates on certain products when you already utilize the Credit Union for other products or services, therefore fostering a better financial well-being for our members.

Being a Loyalty Member is pretty easy! Check out the benefits of being a Loyalty Member at Deseret First and how you qualify.


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Loyalty Member Benefits

  • Higher interest rates on Money Market Accounts
  • Higher interest rates on Share Certificates
  • Members 21 or younger will automatically qualify*


Loyalty Member Qualifications

It’s pretty easy to qualify as a Loyal Member.

To Qualify you must meet any ONE of the following requirements in the prior month:

  • Have at least 10 payment transactions clear your account
  • Make a payment on a DFCU loan
  • Completed a DFCU First Mortgage within the last 24 months
  • Are a current client of Deseret Insurance Agency
  • Are a current client of Deseret First Wealth Management

There are some exceptions to our Loyalty Benefits. Please see those below.

*Accounts with Tax Reported Owners age 21 or younger will automatically qualify as a loyalty member.

**A member is not eligible for loyalty rates if they have any loans over 30 days delinquent or they have a charged off account.