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The financial industry is experiencing a significant increase in fraudulent activities and scamming attempts to access personal account information. DFCU will never contact you asking for your PIN, Password, or other account credentials. If you have any questions about your account, contact DFCU at 800-326-3328. To learn more about protecting yourself from fraud, click here

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Credit Cards from Deseret First

At DFCU, we offer 2 types of fixed-rate credit cards.

In particular, one includes a fantastic rewards program. While the other offers an even lower interest rate, perfect to transfer your old balance to! We also incorporate apps to control how and where you use your card. Whether you want to watch your budget or check for fraud, you want to oversee your spending. That’s why we created the new CardHub app. Finally, with Mobile Wallet you can use your Deseret First cards with most major apps. This includes Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

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Platinum Cards

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DFCU Rewards

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Mobile Wallet

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Treat yourself any way you like it!

Receive bounteous bonuses today. Whether that means cash, a new TV, or a family getaway is up to you.

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