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Your personal card management

What is CardHub?

Finally putting your finances in your own hands. Literally.

CardHub puts you in real-time command of your debit and credit cards with DFCU. You can make choices about how, when, and where your cards work. Thus giving you an extra level of security.
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So what can you do with CardHub?

Card Usage Notifications

Card Alerts

Receive card transaction alerts for all card activity, or specific types of transactions such as merchant categories, merchant location, transaction amount, or quantity. Alerts can come via push notification, text message, or email.
Limit Transaction Types

Card Controls

Block all transactions on a card or block by specific types of transactions including merchant categories, merchant location, transaction amount, or quantity.
Set Geographic Limits

Travel Notice

Let the credit union know that you will be traveling and to expect transactions outside your normal card activity to help ensure a card will not be flagged for suspicious activity. Schedule travel notices in advance, and easily add the notices to all cards on the account.
Merchant Type Permits

Update PIN

Update a debit card PIN at the time of card activation or any time after.
Manual card Freeze

Manual Card Freeze

Choose to turn your card on only when you need it! Or turn it off if you see unfamiliar transactions.
Spending Limits

Activate Card

After receiving your card through the mail, you can activate it and set the PIN through CardHub. You can then set up card alerts, travel notices, and card controls.

Guard and protect your cards in minutes!

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