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You Serve Others, We Serve You

Helping You Serve A Mission

We understand the commitment and sacrifice it takes to serve a mission. We want to make the experience easier for you by getting your finances in proper order before you leave. Then you will be set up for any ups and downs on your mission and for life after you return! Right now your focus is a mission and you want to get out there and serve. So, let us help you:

  • save enough money to pay for it
  • have access to your money while you’re gone
  • be prepared for life after your mission
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While You Serve Others, We’ll Serve You

We understand your why of serving a mission. We also know what it takes to go on a mission, what you can do while out there, and how hard it is once you’re back. We’ve been there and we’ve helped thousands while they’re on their missions, and when they’re back. That is the beauty of banking with a financial institution that is focused on helping members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We have specific services to help you while you’re gone, see how we can serve you below.

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Dedicated Support

We have a special email address you can contact for help. We’ll make sure your needs are taken care of!

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No International or ATM Fees

While you’re on your mission, we will not charge international fees on your debit card. We will also reverse your ATM fees up to $25 a month. Saving you money when you bank with DFCU.

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Gift Card!

If you come in and tell us when and where you’re going on your mission, we’ll setup your account so you can get the missionary benefits. We’ll also give you a “Thanks for Serving” gift card!

DFCU Members Serving Worldwide

What’s in it For You?

We understand you want to know exactly how the different services we offer will help you throughout the mission and once you get home. Below we spell out exactly what we can do for you!

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Mission Savings Fund

Provides you with a higher savings rate so you end up with more savings for your mission.

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Missionary Financial Checklist

Provides you with a to-do list to make sure all your finances are in order before you leave.

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$25 Gift Card

We give you just a little extra cash to get you out on your mission when you come in and tell us where you’re serving.

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Dedicated Support

Provides you with a specific email address with people on the other side dedicated to help you and who understand your unique circumstances.

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No Fees

We don’t charge international fees while you’re on your mission. We also will reverse your ATM fees up to $25 a month. Therefore savings you money every time you use your DFCU debit card.

Monthly Calendar

Employment History

We view your time on the mission as employment. This helps you get approved for loans and most likely you’ll get better rates when you return from your mission.

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Credit History

Because of our Credit Building Program, you will have 1.5 to 2 years of credit history which will help your credit score and also helps you get better rates!

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Authorized Card Contact

You can select a trusted individual to receive any alerts for fraud on your card when you’re on your mission.

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