CardHub by Deseret First

CardHub adds another level of security through real-time control over your Deseret First Debit and Credit Cards with your smartphone. You control how, when, and where your cards can be used. Now you can have all the control over your money and how it is spent!


What can CardHub do for me?


Choose to turn your card on only when you need it! Or turn it off if you see unfamiliar transactions. You can do this within Card Details on CardHub.



Are you trying to stick to a budget or is your kid spending too much? Set up Spend Limits in Control Preferences to help you stay in that budget.



Are you going out of the country? Make sure you add a Travel Event by selecting International under Location Controls and let us know where you’re going.



Set up automatic push notifications under Alert Preferences so you can know everytime your card is used and be alerted right away if fraud happens.



Add an extra level of control and security by when you set your card to work only in the same location as your phone by selecting My Location under Location Controls.



Take more control over where you spend your money by allowing only in-store or online purchases in Transaction Types under Control Preferences.



Set your card to work only in certain regions or states in Location Controls. Now you have more control over where your card is used!



Set up what type of merchant your card can be used at in Control Preferences to avoid your kids spending money on new clothes rather than groceries!



How do I get CardHub?


Number 1

This all-new program lets you gain the security and control of your Deseret First Card in minutes! Control when, where, and how your card is used.
CardHub by Deseret First App Icon

Number 2

To begin, download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Search for CardHub or click below to download. The app icon will look like the image under step one.
Download on the App Store ButtonGet it on Google Play Button

Number 3

To get started register as a new user and then add in your Deseret First credit and/or debit card information.
Phone Screenshot of the user registration page of the CardHub app

Number 4

Set up any alerts, travel notes, and spending restrictions you want! Now you have more control over how, when, and where your card is used!
Phone screenshot of the card controls available within CardHub

CardHub FAQ’s


I had Online Purchases set to decline, yet I had an approved transaction from Amazon. Shouldn’t that transaction be declined?
Amazon is an online merchant, however, their transactions sometimes come through as mail or telephone orders. To completely block Amazon and possibly other online merchants, you would need to disable both “Online” and “Mail/Phone Order” transactions.
Do Location Controls and Alerts depend on phone signal?
An alert is triggered or a control is initiated by in-store transactions that occur outside of the area where your primary mobile device is located. The mobile device must have GPS enabled with permission to use the current location. If your phone is turned off, without cellular service, or does not provide GPS coordinates it will use the last saved GPS location. In the event CardHub does not receive a new GPS signal for more than eight hours, CardHub temporarily ignores the My Location policies. Transactions would not trigger alerts or control denials based on My Location preferences during this time. However, an alert would be generated informing you that a transaction was conducted.
Can the app be controlled from a desktop or laptop computer?
No, this is a mobile app and is controlled by a smartphone or tablet.
Does the app require me to authenticate each time the application is started or accessed?
After the initial registration, you will only need to log in with your user ID and password or a four-digit passcode if the application’s session has timed out. Fingerprints and facial recognition may also be used to log in if supported by your device.

What if I have my card turned off and a recurring utility bill wants to charge my card? Will that transaction be denied?
When the card is turned off, most card transactions are denied by CardHub and alerts are generated for attempted transactions. However, Auto-pay, recurring transactions, and credits (deposits, returns, reversals) are exempt from this high-level control.
Will CardHub work outside the U.S.?
Yes. If your phone has a data connection the app will work.
How long can I leave a card “off”?
You can turn cards off, leave them off as long as you want to, and only turn them back on when you want to perform transactions.
How many cards can a user set up?
There isn’t a limit to the number of Deseret First issued cards you can set up.
Do I have to be logged into the app to receive notifications?
Notifications are push notifications in the app. You do not need to be logged in.
I have My Locations turned on, but my transaction was denied even though my phone was with me.
Although most merchants process their transactions from their physical location, some merchants might run their approvals through a corporate office or other location that is outside of the My Location parameters that were set up. In these cases, you would need to disable the location settings for the transaction to be approved.


In just minutes, you can gain the security and control of CardHub. All it takes to get started is a free download from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.