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Many missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are enthusiastic to receive their call. However, many don't have the ability to buy everything needed for their missions. The Deseret First Charitable Foundation helps these missionaries get the necessary supplies. We buy anything from shoes and shirts to luggage and books! Donate today so we can give to missionaries who need a little extra help getting their supplies.

Select the items/amount you would like to donate below or simply just type the amount you'd like to donate in the donation amount field. Remember every dollar helps a missionary get the items they need.

Scarves, Belts, & Socks

Books, Ties, & Watches

Slacks, Pants & Skirts

Blouses, Shirts, & Satchels

Dresses & Coats

Luggage & Coats

Elder & Sister Shoes

Elder & Sister Suits

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While Deseret First Credit Union created the Deseret First Charitable Foundation to further enable charitable giving, the two are separate and distinct legal entities. Thus neither is responsible for the products, services, or acts of the other.

*All donations will be deposited to the Deseret First Charitable Foundation (DFCF) general fund. Your donation might not be used to purchase the exact item you selected. DFCF will direct the use of all funds to outfit missionaries as needed.

Donations have helped hundreds of missionaries!

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