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VISA Signature Card

Maximize rewards and benefits

A daily cash back credit card that rewards you with the greatest flexibility

DFCU’s premier credit card designed for established credit card users. It the best option for members who use their credit card for all their purchasing needs and is loaded with many features and benefits. Cashback is deposited into your Membership Savings account every day a transaction posts to your Credit Card account.

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How to earn cash back


Select Businesses

Earn 5% cash back on everyday purchases at select businesses.



Earn 3% cash back on your hotel, airfare and car rentals.


Restaurants & Gas/Charging

Earn 2% cash back when you go out to eat or refuel/charge your car.


Everything else

Earn 1% cash back on all other purchases!

Benefits and Protections


The Visa Signature card has a great rate as low as 17.9%.

DFCU has partnered with NXG Strategies to supply our active card holders with identity restoration. To learn more about this benefit, click here.

Have peace of mind in knowing that you’re not at fault for any unauthorized purchases.

No more need to swipe or insert! All of our cards work wherever you can tap your card to complete a transaction. These cards can be instantly issued at any branch location.

Visa can help you plan your next vacation, purchase gifts on your behalf, and arrange dining and entertainment experiences. Learn more.

DFCU does not charge an annual fee on any credit card.

DFCU never charges balance transfer fees.

Need help? You’ll have access to 24-hour live agent card support.


Product warranties can be inconvenient and cumbersome to use. If your gadget stops working, you can’t find the receipt, or misplaced the product’s warranty, Extended Warranty Protection can help.

Cellular Telephone Protection is available to provide coverage for damage to, theft of, or involuntary and accidental parting of your cell phone.

You’ve made the ultimate purchase and have received notification that your package was delivered, but when you get home the porch is empty. Because you bought the item with your Visa Signature, you’re covered with Porch Piracy Protection.

You have access to special offers, such as travel or dining, via Visa Offers and Perks.

You don’t need to wait until the end of the month to claim what you’ve earned. Cashback is deposited to your Membership Savings account every day a transaction posts to your Credit Card account!

We’ve partnered with several businesses in Utah that want you to use your card at their stores. And when you do, you’ll get 5% cashback. View our list of Select Merchants here.


Renting a car while on vacation doesn’t have to be stressful. If an accident happens or the vehicle gets stolen, you’ll be covered with DFCU’s Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver. Learn more.

Roadside Dispatch is a pay-per-use roadside assistance program. The program provides you with security and convenience wherever your travels take you. Learn more.

Have comfort in knowing that as a Visa Signature card holder, if loss of life or limb may befall you or your family, the financial burden will be one less thing to worry about. Learn more.

Have you ever waited for your luggage to come around the belt only to find that it has been lost by your airline? With Lost Luggage Reimbursement, you can be reimbursed for the difference between the value of your belongings and the airline’s payment. Learn more.

Having a trip delayed can mean more than just lost time; it can also create an additional cost that you weren’t expecting to pay. Trip Delay Reimbursement covers up to a maximum of $300.00 for each purchased ticket. Learn more.

What if you have to cancel a trip because of the death of a loved one or your airline declares bankruptcy? Fortunately, Trip Cancellation and Interruption benefits are available to help you with these unforeseen circumstances that could disrupt your travel plans. Learn more.

Having personal items stolen from your hotel room can ruin an experience and leave you with an additional financial burden. Fortunately, you can receive a one-time payment of up to $1,000 for personal property stolen from your room. Learn more.

Needing emergency medical or dental treatment during your travel is something you don’t want to have to worry about, but when it happens, it is good to know that there is help with some of your covered expenses. Learn more.

You can’t always plan for a serious accident or illness which occurs during your travels. To try and help ease some of this financial burden, you can receive coverage for expenses not reimbursed elsewhere while on a Covered Trip purchased with your Visa Signature card. Learn more.

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To view all of our disclosures on the Visa Signature Card, click here.

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